'68 (2007) #1 (I Want You Cover)


Meat Grinder

(I Want You Cover Variant)

Issue Date: January 3 2007
Writer: Mark Kidwell
Artist: Nat Jones
Inker: Jay Fotos
Inker: Nat Jones
Letterer: Jason William Hanley
Colorist: Jay Fotos
Cover Artist: Jay Fotos
Cover Artist: Nat Jones
Publisher: Image Comics

Characters Featured

Villains Featured


Vietnam, Fall 1968; long range listening post deep in enemy territory has fallen silent. Fearing the worst, a five man US fire team is scrambled, plunging into the shadow- haunted jungle to investigate. Led by first Lieutenant Tommy Blake, the squad will enter the true heart of darkness and discover more to fear than the enemy as a country turned slaughterhouse gives up it's bloodthirsty dead.

There are zombies in the razor wires.

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