Aquaman #35

Between Two Dooms!

Issue Date: Sept-Oct 1967
Publisher: DC Comics

Characters Featured

Aqualad – Aquman’s sidekick, sometimes referred to as tadpole or minnow
Queen Mera – Aquaman’s wife
Aquababy – Aquaman’s son

Villains Featured

Black Manta – and his manta men
Ocean Master – Aquaman’s half-brother Orm


Black Manta attacks Atlantis and chemically alters the city’s dome forcing the Atlantean’s to drain all of the water from the city. Aquaman issues a secretly developed serum to all citizens that allows their lungs to adapt to air breathing.

Black Manta encounters Queen Mera and takes Aquababy hostage. In exchange for Aquababy’s release, Aquaman becomes Black Manta’s prisoner. Upon Aquababy’s release he was intercepted by the Ocean Master.

Ocean Master & Black Manta, being bitter rivals for control of the Atlantis area, attack each other allowing Aquaman & baby time to escape.


Blazing Blue Whales!

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