Aquaman #40

Sorcerers Of The Sea…And Their Queen!

Issue Date: July-Aug 1968
Artist: Jim Aparo
Writer: Steve Skeates
Editor: Dick Giordano
Publisher: DC Comics

Characters Featured

Aqualad – Aquman’s sidekick, sometimes referred to as tadpole or minnow
Queen Mera – Aquaman’s wife
Aquababy – Aquaman’s son

Villains Featured

Sorcerers of the Sea


Queen Mera is captured by the secret society known as the “Sorcerers of the Sea”. Aquaman & Aqualad infiltrate their city only to be captured.

Aquaman & Aqualad escape the city and return to Atlantis. Upon Aquaman’s return to the city he rescues Mera only to discover it’s not the real Queen.

Dr. Vulko develops a way to remove the substance infused into the dome by Black Mantis (issue 35).


Great Waves Aquaman!

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