Aquaman #62

And The Walls Came Tumblin’ Down

Issue Date: June-July 1978
Artist: Don Newton & BobMcLeod
Writer: Paul Kupperber
Editor: Paul Levitz
Publisher: DC Comics

Characters Featured

Aqualad – Aquman’s sidekick, sometimes referred to as tadpole or minnow
Queen Mera – Aquaman’s wife

Villains Featured

Ocean Master – Aquaman’s half-brother Orm


Aquman returns to Atlantis to attend his son’s funeral only to be scorned and hated by his wife Queen Mera. (His son, Arthur junior, was murdered by Balck Manta in Adventure Comics issue 452)

While off mourning his loss, Aquaman encounters seaquake. After a near death experience with seaquake, Queen Mera takes back her husband.


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