Aquaman #63

My Brothers Keeper

Issue Date: July-August 1978
Artist: Don Newton & Dave Hunt
Writer: Paul Kupperber
Editor: Paul Levitz
Publisher: DC Comics

Characters Featured

Aqualad – Aquman’s sidekick, sometimes referred to as tadpole or minnow
Queen Mera – Aquaman’s wife

Villains Featured

Ocean Master – Aquaman’s half-brother Orm


Ocean Master reveals he sent Seaquake (issue 62) in order to retrieve a weapon buried beneath Atlantis within the original ancient city of Atlantis (the surface city Atlantis that sank thousands of years ago).

Aqualad returns from his private quest to rejoin Aquaman in his quest to stop Ocean Master.


Neptune’s Trident!
Last issue from a series that started in the silver age. Issue 64 was never to be seen…

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