Batman is a superhero who struggles against insanity and struggles not to become what he fights.

Secret Identity

Batman's secret identity is Bruce Wayne the millionaire. Bruce Wayne originally created Batman to avenge the death of his parents at the hands of gangsters.


Batman has no super-powers and technically is no different than any other person. Instead, Batman is highly trained in martial arts and uses high-tech gear to gain an advantage. One of those advantages is his batsuit, which was created not only to hold his high-tech gadgets, but to scare the bejeezus out of anyone he meets.

Batman can glide using his cape. This is a limited version of Flight.

Arch Enemies

The worst of Batman's arch enemies is the lunatic Joker. Other often seen supervillans are : Catwoman, Penguin, Two Face, and Riddler. Not often seen but worth mentioning are Mr. Freeze and Bane.


When Batman has a sidekick, he is always named Robin. There have been several Robins. The first Robin, Dick Grayson became Nightwing when he set out on his own. The second Robin was blown to pieces along with his mother by The Joker. The third Robin, Tim Drake, becomes they mayor of Gotham City in at least one alternate future.


Most versions of Batman do not carry a gun. As Bruce Wayne's parents were gunned down, he refuses to kill unless it is absolutely necessary and especially not with a gun. Most of the supervillans defeated by Batman therefore are captured alive, or die due to their own actions.

This was used as a plot device in Batman Beyond, where the aging Batman had to resort to using a gun in order to survive a fight. This scene was intended to show that Batman was too old to continue to be a superhero, and thus, find a replacement.

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