Jason Todd

Jason Todd is the second Robin, the traditional sidekick of Batman. Jason Todd took the place of Dick Grayson, the previous Robin, who had joined the New Teen Titans as Nightwing.


Jason Todd, as all Robins, had no super powers. (See Robin for the traditional abilities of a Robin character.)


In the last part of A Death in the Family, Jason Todd (as Robin) is beaten to near death and confined in a cabin with a ticking time-bomb. Jason and his mother are unable to stop the bomb and they both are killed in the explosion.

Red Hood

(Main article : Red Hood)

Jason Todd is brought back to life when Superboy-Prime alters reality. Six months after his death, he digs his way out of his coffin. Jason Todd then later emerges many years later as the new Red Hood.

Other Robins

Dick Grayson, Tim Drake.

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