Robin (The Boy Wonder) is Batman's sidekick. Robin was created in the Golden Age comic-book era in the forties, yet is probably best well-known for the campy tv Batman tv show from the sixties.


None of the Robins have had super powers. Like Batman, all Robins were highly trained individuals who used high tech gear.

Secret Identities

There have been three Robins: Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, and Tim Drake, all of whom, in some form, lived with Bruce Wayne in Wayne manor during the time that they were Robin.

Dick Grayson

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Dick Grayson was a part of a trapeze-artist family and was recruited by Bruce Wayne after his parents were killed by gangsters. When he became older, he struck out on his own and became Nightwing.

Jason Tood

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Jason Todd was the second Robin. Jason Todd was killed, along with his mother, by the Joker.

Tim Drake

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Tim Drake was the third Robin. In an alternate future, Tim Drake becomes the mayor of Gotham City.


Teen Titans

Robin has been associated with the Teen Titans. Both Dick Grayson, as Nightwing in the original Teen Titans, and Tim Drake, as Robin in the current (cartoon and comic) incarnation, have served as members of this group.

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