Superman is the superhero who protects Metropolis, a large New York sized city. Superman, nor Clark Kent is dead. See Death of Superman below.


Superman is an human-like alien from the planet Krypton. There he was known as Kal-El. His father, Jor-El, sent him to Earth just before Krypton was destroyed.

Secret Identity

The secret identity of Superman is Clark Kent. Even though Superman recognizes that he is Kal-El, he has preferred to adopt the identity of Clark Kent as his "real" identity.


The super-powers of Superman are many and are derived from the Earth's yellow sun, as opposed to the red sun of Krypton. Some of Superman's super-powers are variations and combinations of his main powers : Flight, Super Speed, Heat Vision, Super Breath, and Invulnerability.

Arch Enemies

Superman's most notable arch-enemy is Lex Luthor. Other notable supervillans that frequently that are stopped by Superman are Bizzaro.


Superman has two weaknesses, one is much well known than the other. The first, more well known weakness is Kryptonite, which comes in various colors and has different effects on him. The second is being deprived of the Sol's light, as he is powered by the Earth's sun.

Death of Superman

Superman is not dead, nor did he die. After his battle with Doomsday he went into hibernation to repair the wounds. Everyone in Metropolis thought Superman was dead, so they buried him, further complicating things by depriving him of the Sun's rays.

Because Metropolis was without a hero, four super-men rose to take his place. When Superman returned, he was recognized as the one "true" Superman. For more information see Death of Superman.


Superman does not wear a mask, yet no one recognizes him as Clark Kent. This is plausible for two reasons : good acting and a disbelief by friends that "their" Clark Kent could really be "the" Superman. This also leads to two Clark Kents, a public one for acquaintances and a private one, for friends who know his secret identity.

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