Dynamo Joe #1


Back To Base Six

Issue Date: May 1986
Writer: Doug Rice & John Ostrander
Artist: Doug Rice
Inker: John Nyberg & Brian Thomas
Letterer: Willie Schubert
Colorist: Rick Taylor
Editor: Rick Oliver
Publisher: First Comics

Characters Featured

Admiral Akira
Field Marshall Sergi Ippolitov
Lord Grhaool
Prince Shaeton
Sargent Daro
Tech Over-Sargent Kaeto

Villains Featured



Operating out of base six "The alliance" (three galactic races - the Terran Confederation, Cat-like Tavitans, and the Imperium) converge in response to recent attacks and a pending war with a species called the Mellenares. The Confederation and Tavitan commanders meet to share enemy intelligence. Meanwhile, the Imperium test a new battle suit dubbed Galax-C.

During testing the Galax-C battle suit malfunctions and threatens the base. The battle suit Dynamo Joe prevents the malfunction from damaging the base. The Imperium discharge the Galax-C pilot (Sargent Daro) using him as a scapegoat for their own failure.

Seeing through the Imperium's attempt of labeling blame on the pilot, the Confederation recruits the Imperium pilot (Sargent Daro) who is assigned as Pilot of the Dynamo Joe battle suit alongside the exisiting Dynamo Joe team member, a Tavitan named Pomru.


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