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The new Batman suit for the Man of Steel movie sequel looks pretty awesome. Reminds me of a cross between Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns and the classic Batman suit from the comics. The only problem to me is about the bat symbol on Batman's chest. I think it's too fat. It's obvious an adaptation from the Frank Miller's Batman bat symbol in "Batman: Dark Knight Returns". Not my favorite. My favorite bat symbol is the classic one.

From comics to movies by PakatoPakato, 01 Jun 2014 18:07

Fair enough point, our heroes from the past were built (created) based on ideals. Whereas today with new characters we try to humanize them to the point where they are the same as you and I and not really "super human" anymore.

As a counter point I present Marvel characters, the reason why Marvel came on big in the 70's was that their characters were dealing with real world issues. That is what connected me with Spiderman as a kid. Here was a kid who had to deal with the social acceptance of school, having no parents, and not exactly living the life of luxury with his elderly Aunt. Marvel also dealt with other issues in the 70s such as poverty (Daredevil), racism (X-men), alcoholism (Iron Man).

Of course this was during a time when Marvel was not so corporate and writers had every opportunity to send a message with only the comic code limiting them. Today though I believe Marvel and DC are strictly about money and will use whatever story line they want without the purity of Ideals (old DC) or tackling Real World issues (old Marvel).

Re: Batman is Dead by Ken KashKen Kash, 11 Oct 2009 11:06
Re: Batman is Dead
debbmosh (guest) 11 Oct 2009 08:31
in discussion Marvel Comics / General » Batman is Dead

I got to disagree with the first person. Killing off old characters wouldnt open a door for new
characters, it would simply destroy the superhero era as we know it. You can't kill off a legened
like Batman. If you do, what new character could replace, and leave an impact like Batman.
Today, newly made up super heroes are not creative nor are they based on the super hero
lifestyle. They are more about personal relationships that nobody really cares about. I know that
they are starting to do that with Batman comics now, but there has to be new writters. If the
same people continue to work with the same character, they are bound to run out of ideas.
They are tired so they decide to kill a character off, just look at that series Birds of Prey.
they completely got rid of Batman and not one single viewer watched it. the truth is, nobody
is ready for the superheroes that we know and love to change, and quite frankly, neither am I

Re: Batman is Dead by debbmosh (guest), 11 Oct 2009 08:31

HAHA! yeah - exactly! If you read the Spider-Man article it refers to "Now" magazine!

Re: "Marvel Confidential" magazine by Forbush Man (guest), 13 Feb 2009 15:11

Like the re-design. It reminds me of the mock magazine that marvel had in different series, it was called "NOW Magazine"

Yeah - that pic would be great - Thanks so much!!! I've actually re-designed and revamped the page(s) on recommendation from numerous readers at several message boards I posted … I'm updating the links and everything now and should have the new design live within the hour! Thanks for the support!!

Re: "Marvel Confidential" magazine by Forbush Man (guest), 11 Feb 2009 21:05

Thanks Forbush, I have a site update planned for this weekend myself, if you don't mind I'm going to steal a pic that links to your site and place it on my home page. Probably the one you used for the posting unless you have a better recommendation.


LOL! Don't worry - you'll be on there tonight - I just found you today and haven't updated the site yet! Thanks for the support!!!

Re: "Marvel Confidential" magazine by Forbush Man (guest), 10 Feb 2009 00:36

Alright, pretty funny site & I love the pics! Definitely bookmarked the site for future visits but we're not on your links page, what's up with that?

This is a big hobby of mine and I've worked on it a while before unveiling it - so any feedback, reactions, constructive criticism etc would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Face Front, True Believers!

Marvel Confidential


In the great tradition of such venerable American publications as "Confidential", "Life", "The Saturday Evening Post", "Time", "Newsweek" and others, Marvel Confidential strives to bring you full coverage of the sometimes serious, sometimes light-hearted, but always interesting world of The Marvels.

Here at Marvel Confidential, you'll get the opportunity to take a peek at the Marvels in a way you never have before! Our paparazzi and investigative journalists are shadowing the Marvels at all times, laboring to bring you one more story, one more photo, one more item, or one more angle on those heroes you just can't get enough of, The Marvels!

The main page here will be continually updated as new articles are filed and more photos uploaded. Check back daily to see what new articles have been added.

You can also follow all the excitement on your own by clicking though our "Archive" , "Sightings" and "News Briefs" links above where you'll find up-to-the-minute information on the Marvels and their activities!

"Marvel Confidential" magazine by Forbush Man (guest), 09 Feb 2009 17:36
New Warriors
Ken KashKen Kash 30 Dec 2008 12:18
in discussion Marvel Comics / General » New Warriors

Based on all of the recent updates it's not hard to figure out that I'm working on uploading all the info I have on the New Warriors from my collection.

I really liked this series a lot when it first appeared in the 90's but now I see why. I also use to like the original Nova comic series from the 70's (yes I'm that old) and the New Warriors (for the first 50 issues) seemed to be an extension of that series. I really have to give credit to writer Fabian Nicieza for making this seamless transition of story lines even though 15 years has separated the books.

The only thing I was never crazy was Nova's age in the New Warriors. After 15 years between the two books, he was only in his early 20's hanging around teens & still living at home with mom & dad. But once you get over this it's still a good read.

My recommendation to anyone that wants to read this storyline is start with the old Nova series and then roll into the New Warriors.

Happy Reading!


New Warriors by Ken KashKen Kash, 30 Dec 2008 12:18

Rave Reviews for Dog Eaters Comic Book!
Reviews and interviews with Malcolm Wong, the creator of Dog Eaters

“…If you haven’t already, check out the free preview of Issue 1, here. It’s a great opportunity to explore the world of the Black Dog Clan, albeit in black and white. But not to worry, the first issue is in glorious color and a gripping read from cover to cover. Recommended.”
-Andrew, Things From Another World, 12/1/08 Link To Complete Review

“…[Wong] does a good job of making it fun to read, and throws in some social challenges and a mysterious stranger that could make things more interesting and change up the dynamic…Angel’s manga-esque art style is very fitting for the book and quite smooth. Overall, a pretty cool read.”
-Nick Budd, Comic Pants 11/26/08 Link To Complete Review

“Dog Eaters, a comic from Malcolm Wong was adapted from his screenplay into a six issue comic with a very heavy manga influence. With art by Chilean illustrator, Guillermo A. Angel, Dog Eaters brings a very Mad Max vision to the printed page that you can just see jumping off the page onto the silver screen. The preview pages below show off not only the unique design (check out the cover) but the excellent use of color. I love comics that take a path less traveled with new stories and adventures and in this Dog Eaters delivers. check out more on the official site and enjoy some screenshots below. Without original ideas the industry will go stale, but with folks like Wong creating then we have nothing to fear.
-James Fleenor, AnimeSentinel, 11/04/08 Link To Complete Review

“I like the way that Malcolm is able to have a subtle message without being preachy. There’s no political agenda in this book. But the point of inspiration was Malcolm’s fear that we won’t be able to move beyond our dependence on petroleum. That subtle seed is planted in the mind of the reader when they see the desolate future this has led to. But the book itself is mostly a post-apocalyptic action book - which is always fun. Anyone who’s been reading for awhile knows that I’m a big fan of behind-the-scenes information. So my favorite part about this preview was definitely the Special Bonus Section: The Story Behind Dog Eaters. It was well written and very thorough.”
-Super Searnold Comic Book Reviews, 10/30/08 Link To Complete Review

“A sort of Manga meets Mad Max, Dog Eaters follows the roving Black Dog clan, as they try to survive in this post apocalyptic environment. The important difference here from what we've seen in Mad Max and Water World, is that our group is not a gang. They are a clan, a "family". And that comes through even in this brief peak into the larger story. The World of Dog Eaters is a fully realized one. Malcolm Wong has obviously fleshed out the society, it's structure, it's rules. The characters have their own lingo, that is both alien and familiar. Wong writes a well paced and organic tale. Guillermo Angel's artwork brings that story to life. For a guy named Guillermo, he certainly has his Manga style down pat! It's gorgeous! Makes me think wistfully of the VIZ titles I used to read in the 90's. The full version of Issue number 1 is due out November 5th. I say, buckle up and enjoy the ride!”
-Project Fanboy Reviews, 10/12/08 Link To Complete Review

Check out interviews with Malcolm Wong at the following websites:


Things From Another World (TFAW)


Super Searnold

Spiraken Manga Review - Episode 15


Malcolm Wong can be contacted at moc.liamg|godscimoc#moc.liamg|godscimoc

I finally found a tool that is private and secure that allows me to make a specialized toolbar for a Firefox or MS Explorer browser.

Is anyone interested? What types of hot buttons or links would you like to see? Let me know, I'm more than willing to create one.

Thanks everyone

A browser toolbar?? by Ken KashKen Kash, 13 Dec 2008 01:12

Keeping some heroes is a good thing as it connects the old to the new and preserves the history.

Characters already that have immortal or prolonged life spans should stick around and meanwhile the older characters that were killed off can always be revisited through graphic novels and alternate time lines. The options become incredible with this kind of approach. Besides fresh new characters and story lines, even older story lines (once thought closed) can be revisited. Wow! this could really open up some cool ideas.

Re: Batman is Dead by Ken KashKen Kash, 06 Dec 2008 19:09

I agree. Although I do love many of the oldies, there needs to be a pathway for newer heroes. Or even expand on the heroes that have very little storyline. With old heroes in for such a long time, the CB world has become a bit stale.

Re: Batman is Dead by Ish WalkerIsh Walker, 05 Dec 2008 00:27

Holy rotting corpses! Now it comes down to a glorious battle of time and money between writers and Time Warner (DC).

How long can DC not have their most profitable character dead? That's why we have those wonderful DC universe scenarios and can dismiss some great story lines. Remember how they quickly placed Frank Miller's Dark Knight returns into another alternate universe storyline.

Personally, I like it. It's time to kill the old heroes and make way for new ones. It's getting hard to explain how a comic series can be around for 30 to 60 years but the character(s) only age 10 to 15 years at best.

Re: Batman is Dead by Ken KashKen Kash, 03 Dec 2008 10:31
Batman is Dead
hartnellhartnell 03 Dec 2008 09:44
in discussion Marvel Comics / General » Batman is Dead

Oh come on…. reallly….

— hartnell

Batman is Dead by hartnellhartnell, 03 Dec 2008 09:44

Well not much feedback soooo I re-arranged the front page with a little help, thanks for the model Hartnel.

Re: New front page by Ken KashKen Kash, 01 Dec 2008 21:14

That's my take…and I think the Marvel Universe is just too crowded and creating new fresh story lines by breaking ties to older stories is just going to add more chaos down the road. I forget how many Marvel and DC universes exist?

Re: Spiderman & MJ No More by Ken KashKen Kash, 01 Dec 2008 00:58

So this is a ploy to sell comics? A sort of superman-and-or-batman-gets-killed-or-back-broken kind of publicity stunt?

— hartnell

Re: Spiderman & MJ No More by hartnellhartnell, 29 Nov 2008 12:24
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