Justice League Europe 32


The Center Cannot Hold

Issue Date: November 1991
Writer: Keith Giffen & Gerrard Jones
Artist: Bart Sears & Darrick Robertson
Inker: Randy Elliot & John Beatty
Colorist: Gene D'Angelo
Letterer: Willie Schubert
Editor: Andy Helfer
Publisher: DC Comics

Characters Featured

Captain Atom
Catherine Cobert
Crimson Fox
Elongated Man
Power Girl
Rocket Red
Silver Sorceress
Susan Dibny

Blue Beetle - guest appearance
General Glory - guest appearance
Green Flame - guest appearance
Green Lantern - Guy Gardner guest appearance
Ice Maiden - guest appearance
Inspector Camus
Mangus Kahn
Major Disaster
Martian Manhunter - guest appearance
Maxwell Lord
Multi-Man - cameo

Villains Featured


Breakdowns Part 8 (continued from Justice League America 56)

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