Justice League Quarterly 5


Be Careful What You Wish For! , Light Housekeeping, An Old Beginning, and last but not least Jillion Dollar Legs

Issue Date: Winter 1991
Writer: Mark Waid, Bill Loebs, Kevin Dooley, and Joey Cavalieri
Artist: Mike McKone, Jan Duursema, Andy Smith, and Mike Parobeck
Inker: Andrew Pepoy, Carlos Garzon, and Ty Templeton
Colorist: Gene D'Angelo, Mike Hollingsworth, Tom McCraw, and Rick Taylor
Letterer: Bob Pinaha, Tim Harkins
Editor:Brian Augustyn
Publisher: DC Comics

Characters Featured

Elongated Man
General Glory
Green Flame
Green Lantern - Guy Gardner
Ice Maiden
Martian Manhunter
Power Girl
Rocket Red
Silver Sorceress

Geo-Force - Prince Brion
Red Star
Rebis - Doom Patrol (cameo)

Global Guardians - Tuatara, Bushmaster, Godiva, Huntsman, Impala, Olympian, Rising Sun, Thunderlord

The 'Ero Group - Compass, Desensitizer, Evolvo, Good Time, Mover and Shaker, Particle Man, Wrapper, Zoolog


Villains Featured

Professor Anthony Ivo
Doktor Sinister


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