Justice League Quarterly 6


Take My Wife - - Please!, Fighting Trim, Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed?, & Never Less Alone…

Issue Date: Spring 1992
Writer: Mark Waid, John Ostrander, Paul Kupperberg, and Kevin Dooley
Artist: Eduardo Barreto, Barry Horne, John Calimee, and Andy Smith
Inker: Eduardo Barreto, Scott Hanna, and Pablo Marcos
Colorist: Gene D'Angelo, Matt Hollingsworth, Juliana Ferriter, and Tom McGraw
Letterer: Bob Pinaha, Tim Harkins, Willie Schubert, and John Costanza
Editor:Brian Augustyn
Publisher: DC Comics

Characters Featured

Booster Gold
Elongated Man
General Glory
Green Flame
Green Lantern - Guy Gardner
Martian Manhunter
Power Girl
Rocket Red
Sue Dibny


Dr. Mist
Jack O' Lantern - Daniel Cormac (in flashback)

Global Guardians - Bushmaster, Godiva, Huntsman, Impala, Olympian, Thunderlord, Tuatara

Villains Featured


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